Utility Deposits are EXPENSIVE!

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Deposit Coverage and Service Requests for:

Alabama Power, AlaGasCo and Tuscaloosa Water Works only

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NOTICE: We have been informed that Tuscaloosa Water is sending out notices to members who joined OCA on or after June 1, 2016 telling them that they failed to renew and that they now owe deposits. If you joined after June 1 you do not have to renew until next year! OCA did NOT drop your membership unless you joined before June 1! We do not understand why Tuscaloosa Water sent the letters and since we just found out about today after they closed it will be Monday before we can contact them. We will get them to correct their error and if you just joined OCA on or after June 1, 2016 you can disregard the letter.


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Join the Off Campus Association (OCA) and let us take the hassle out of setting up your utilities
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OCA offers coverage of the standard utility deposits required by:

  • Alabama Power

  • Alabama Gas (AlaGasCo)

  • City of Tuscaloosa Water

PLUS, we contact the companies and request your service for the date you need it - FREE!

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NO Credit Check is required to join OCA!!

OCA Membership is available to students, faculty & staff of:

The University of Alabama
Auburn University
Shelton State Community College
Stillman College
Joining OCA is fast and easy!  Fill out ONE form and we take care of notifying the utilities that you need your service AND cover your deposits!