OCA Membership Terms and Conditions

Below are the Terms & Conditions you must agree to in order to become a member of The Off Campus Association. Please print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records.

OCA Membership Agreement / Terms & Conditions

By checking “I Agree” on the online contract, you (referred to in contract below as “Applicant”) hereby indicate that you have read, understand, and accept the following terms and conditions:

1.  Applicant must be a current student, staff or faculty member at The University of Alabama or Auburn University, or a current full time student at Shelton State or Stillman College in Tuscaloosa.

2.  Applicant agrees to pay utility bills in a timely manner and will not allow them to become delinquent, nor will applicant leave any unpaid utility bills upon disconnection of services.  Applicant understands that OCA only guarantees the usual and customary deposits, and that OCA does not assume responsibility for any connection fees or establishment fees.  OCA also will not assume responsibility for additional deposits required due to extraordinary circumstances such as disconnection for non-payment or residences with unusual utility requirements (extra meter, etc.)

3.  Applicant agrees to reimburse OCA for all delinquent debts utility companies require OCA to pay on their behalf, irrespective of any disagreement with any utility as to the accuracy of the bill, plus a 21 Percent (21%) service charge and any fees associated with notification or collection of the amount due.  Reimbursement is due within 10 days of notice from OCA.  OCA reserves the right to elect to charge interest on any account that is more than 30 days past due. Accounts referred to a Collection Agent or Collection Agency due to applicant’s failure to reimburse OCA in a timely manner will incur an additional minimum service charge of $25.

4.  The verification or adjustment of all utility debts rests entirely with the applicant and the utilty companies.  Applicant gives OCA’s employees permission to discuss applicant’s utility accounts and to share any information applicant provides OCA with utility employees.  Applicant gives OCA’s employees permission to contact them at their home, on their cell phone, or place of employment regarding utility charges, other related matters, or membership issues.

5.  Applicant agrees to pay all expenses, attorney’s fees, and all court costs incurred in collecting any debts owed by them to OCA.  Jurisdiction shall lie in Tuscaloosa County, AL.

6.  OCA has the right to change charges and procedures without notice.  Membership in OCA carries no right of ownership and is a non-voting membership.

7.  OCA reserves the right to refuse, revoke, or suspend membership if applicant violates any of these terms and conditions.

8.  Applicant understands that their membership is not transferrable and that applicant’s roommates are not considered members of OCA.

9.  This membership application is a request for an extension of credit to applicant from OCA.  It may be refused if it is not filled out completely, if proof of eligibility and/or identity is not provided, or if applicant’s past credit history is unsatisfactory to OCA.  Applicant understands that each utility company has the right to refuse service if applicant’s past credit history is unsatisfactory to the utility or if there is a prior balance due.  If a utility company refuses service to applicant, OCA will refund fees less a $15 processing fee, if applicant notifies OCA within three working days of the utility’s refusal of service.

10.  Applicant will not leave utility services in their name for anyone else to use.  Applicant understands that they bear full responsibility for payment of all utility bills incurred in applicant’s name, including those incurred during time when applicant may not have been occupying the residence where the service was used.

11.  Applicant understands that OCA will, on behalf of applicant, request that services be connected at the address provided by applicant and on the date entered by applicant on the application.  Applicant understands that OCA’s request is NOT A GUARANTEE that the service will be connected on that date.  During popular moving times (including but not limited to July-Sept and Dec-Jan) the utility companies are frequently overbooked.  If the date requested is overbooked, the utility companies will connect on the next available date.  Applicant understands that OCA is not responsible for the schedules of the utility companies.  OCA is not responsible under any circumstances for any damage or inconvenience which might arise from the failure of a utility company to connect service to applicant’s residence or from the disconnection of service from applicant’s residence, and applicant agrees to hold OCA harmless from same.

12. Applicant understands that if a utility notifies OCA that there is a delinquent final bill that applicant will be responsible for any charges incurred by OCA in the notification to applicant of the delinquency. Applicant understands that if OCA has received notice of a delinquency from any utility company that OCA will not provide coverage of deposits at a new address for any other utility until applicant proves to OCA that the delinquent charges have been paid. OCA may suspend membership upon notice of any delinquent final bill belonging to applicant. If applicant has an amount due to OCA due to a delinquent final bill, and applicant is applying for a new membership or reinstatement of a membership OCA will apply any fees paid by applicant first to the delinquent amount due and any remainder will then be applied toward membership fees.  Applicant gives OCA employees permission to discuss their account with Collection Agents or Collection Agencies and to share information with Collection Agents or Collection Agencies that will be helpful to them in collecting any delinquent amounts owed to OCA.  Applicant agrees that OCA may contact them by email, telephone, or text message if a utility notifies OCA of a delinquent final bill, or if OCA has to pay a delinquent final bill on their behalf.

13. If applicant moves, applicant will notify OCA of the new address within two weeks of moving.

14.  Applicant must renew membership EACH AND EVERY YEAR between August 1 and September 30 or membership will be cancelled without notice.  Applications made after June 1 in a calendar year will not have to be renewed until the August of the next calendar year (example: Join on or after June 1, 2016 – renewal not due until August 2017). If membership is cancelled, applicant will have to pay a $30 reinstatement fee regardless of the length of the membership.


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